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I spent my childhood in Texas, playing around on bikes. First it was BMX, then I shifted to mountain bikes. Then I started racing mountain bikes, followed soon after by road bikes. I spent my college years either riding, eating, sleeping, or working on my degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2010, a perfect storm of racing success, graduation, and my father’s diagnosis of Stage-IV lung cancer spurred me on to chase my dream of becoming a professional cyclist. I’m now in my fourth year of racing for Team Sunweb at the WorldTour level, and I’m having a blast.

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2017 is well underway

Now that it’s nearly March, I suppose it’s about time for me to post an update. Life has been busy, I can say that much. Settling into married life has been smooth, but it seems like we’ve barely stopped moving since Thanksgiving…. I spent two weeks in Europe in December for team meetings and training […]

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