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In Memory and Celebration

A quick update: I’m training again, preparing for the 2017 season. I’m very excited and eager to see how things will go. Off-season went by faster than it ever has, and I spent more time off the bike than ever before. A wedding and honeymoon will do that, though.

I had so much fun with Kate in Hawaii–we spent 5 days on Kauai and 4 on the Big Island, and had at least one adventure every day.

To be honest, we hadn’t even considered Hawaii until we saw my Dad’s photos from my parents’ vacation there a few years ago. Seeing as his photography is the reason for our trip there, it only seems fitting to share my favorite photos from Hawaii, taken with his cameras, on what would have been his 57th birthday.

dsc_5917 dsc_5921 dsc_5963 dsc_5968 dsc_6028 dsc_6058 dsc_6071 dsc_6076 dsc_6081 dsc_6132 dsc_6208 dsc_6140 dsc_6254